About Us

Our credit union was founded in 1979 by taxi drivers for taxi drivers. Membership at present stands at approximately 1500. We have current assets of over £3 million and have loaned over £30 million to members.

The Credit Union is a non-profit making organisation and running expenses are kept to a minimum. This allows us to maintain sound reserves and to pay good dividends to savers, while at the same time ensuring maximum availability of funds to borrowers.

  • Volunteer Board of Directors, responsive to members needs.
  • No hidden Charges or small print
  • Our office is open 5 days a week.            

The LTD Credit Union is a financial co-operative owned and controlled by its members and run for their mutual benefit. It operates by receiving deposits and making loans to its members who are united by a common bond.

As a specialist organisation we have the unique understanding of the particular  cicumstances and needs of our members and can help make the best of all our resources.

Being self-employed, you will be aware that your income can vary from one month to the next. Seasonal factors and personal circumstances can effect what you earn. Expenditure likewise cannot always be accurately predicted or neatly divided into regular sums. There can be sudden and essential demands on your finances.

Life is full of such uncertainties, but we can help you with your finacial circumstances.

LTD Credit Union offers a safe and profitable home for your savings and enables you to borrow money when you need it.

The Credit Union is controlled by its Board of Directors, who are elected from among the members for a three year term. We are members of the Association of British Credit Union Limited (ABCUL) and "Authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Finanical Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority."

You can therefore be confident that the organisation is Democratic, business-like and trustworthy. 


LTD Credit Union is authorised and regulated by the FCA, Firm Reference Number 213233 © LTD Credit Union 2024